For portable machines

On request, these links can be placed on any cutting blade to mount on portable machines. For cutting hard materials, we recommend the use of the coupling C type to prevent vibration and rattling drive over the material. Along with the B type (fast closing-click), the coupling C type is the only standing without screwing and mounting is done very simply by replacing the nut and radial support.


Coupling Type  
Acoplamiento-A A Coupling Ø 50 mm and M-14 for Ø 115-125-150 cutting blades.
acoplamiento-B B Click nut Ø 50 mm and M-14 for quick mounting cutting blade.
Acoplamiento-C C Support and nut Ø 75 mm and M-14 radial mount H 22,2 cutting blades.
acoplamiento-D D Coupling Ø 80 mm and M-14 for Ø 180- 200-230 cutting blades.
Acoplamiento-E E Coupling Ø 98 mm and H 22,2 for Ø 230 cutting blades.