empresa-fredimarFREDIMAR works in diamond tools field for more than 30 years. The experience gained over the years allows us to offer our customers the most complete and balanced range of the market.


Our first goal is quality and advice to make the most performance of our tools. In addition to the products listed in our website, we manufacture to order all kinds of diamond tools.

The diamnond tool allows to make a fast and accurate work on all types of construction materials while minimizing the cost and time of development even in minor job cases.

Blades, bits and grinding wheels that we present on our site are made of two parts: the diamond (segments, crown and electrolyte) and the steel bracket which is fixed the diamond with different fastening systems.

The segment or crown is obtained by mixing different metals and diamond grain that after a cold pressed semi-processing becomes sintered to obtain links with different mechanical properties. In the sintering process can be modified the shape of the segment or crown, obtaining continuous segments and crowns or striated.

The fastening of diamond part to the support steel can be obtained with different techniques:

quienes-somos3Typical welding, obtained with silver solder fixing the two parts without actually merging. This technique can only be used for tools that work with cooling water.


quienes-somos4Laser welding, is obtained by micro-merging of the two parts, obtained by a concentrated light beam (laser beam). In these cases are used high quality steel brackets with low carbon content. This technique allows safe use of the segmented tool running dry.


quienes-somos5Sintered Clamping, is obtained by cold-pressing the mixture of powder directly on the steel support. In the following sintering process the tool obtained depends of mold on which sinters.


quienes-somos6Electrolytic Clamping, is a totally different technical from previous. The diamond part consists exclusively with diamond dust. The clamping is done with nickel by immersion useful in an electrolytic bath.


quienes-somos7Vacuum Clamping, is a similar technique to the electrolyte. The diamond part consists exclusively with diamond dust. Clamping is done by melting the support with diamond dust when inserted into a vacuum furnace.

After effecting the clamping, the tool (except in electrolyte and vacuum) is rectified in the diamond part and simultaneously quickens, giving it the direction of rotation.


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