Laser Top-Iron
Special All Terrain

All Terrain cutting blade with high diamond concentration that cuts all kinds of material with high performance work (reinforced concrete, asphalt, Klinker, rustic stoneware, granite, iron, …).

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Laser Queen Bee
Special All Terrain

All Terrain cutting blade with high concentration diamond segments and new technology Queen Bee (diamond positioned). This technology, with an exact geometric distribution of diamond grains, allowing a faster cutting and high durability in all kinds of materials (Granite, Concrete, Clinker, Iron, Stone, …).

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Continuous Sprint Raptor
Stoneware / Porcelain

Continuous rim cutting blade with diamond side and high concentration (Raptor), which allows cutting and grinding at the same time all materials which requires a perfect finish (porcelain, ceramic, granite, …).

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Special All Terrain

The "All Terrain" maufactured with Vacuum technology, which allows cut all kinds of materials work very quickly.

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Turbo Sprint Fine

Cutting blade with high diamond concentration to cut very quickly and perfect finish all kinds of hard materials, especially porcelain. Rim diamond of 1.2 mm thick and reinforced support in the center, which gives added strength to the cutting blade.

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Suction casing

Suction casing
for portable machines

Suction accessory for portable disc cutters of Ø 115-125 (unified) and Ø 230 mm. Easy to mount on any machine guard and vacuum tubes. To work cleanly on indoors.

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General work drill bits
Laser welding

Drilling in all kinds of building materials (brick, concrete, terrazzo ...). The laser welding allows dry drilling but wet drilling is recommended to achieve a longer duration.

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Dry porcelain drill bits
Professional Line

Rapidly drilling and perfect finishing hard materials such as porcelain, ceramic, granite.

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Wet porcelain drill bits
Professional Line

Water drilling hard materials such as granite, porcelain ... with perfect finish.

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GPD 233 con taladro videos

Base-Suction Bracket GPD-233
Professional Line

Fast and secure clamping on any flat surface, for precise drilling by simply connecting it to a compressor.

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